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Good for them they don't commit to any service
Posted October 3rd, 2012 - 2:56 pm by from Paris, France (Permalink)
Oops, they did it again... Another Couch Crash.

Can't wait to hear what the excuse is this time, both for the extended
site-down and for still not having the emergency plan they knew they
needed to have:

Last time, on July 27th for July 26th, the excuse went like this:

"Dear CouchSurfers,

Yesterday, a network issue at our hosting provider's datacenter caused
an extended loss of connectivity to a subset of our server pool. The
impacted servers included key systems for serving web requests.
Approximately half of web requests to the Couchsurfing site failed due
to this problem for the duration of the incident.

What that meant in practice was that the website was inaccessible for many hours on July 26th. We're very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We know that you need to get online so that you can get offline.
Scheduling the next leg of your trip, telling the guests of your
activity where to meet, or looking up your surfers' arrival time are not
things that can wait. A website outage isn't something that should get
in your way.

We are working with our hosting provider to prevent future incidents by
increasing the level of redundancy and fault-tolerance for key network
devices, as well as adding servers to our pool. And, although wehope it
won't be necessary to use them, we've also discussed emergency plans for how to address the needs of the community if such an incident were to occur again.

Thanks for your understanding. We apologize for any trouble caused by yesterday's problem.

The CouchSurfing Team"

Perhaps next time they are missing in action they could display a more useful message, something like this*:

*Thanks, Franek my friend for the above creation.