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What do you guys want?
Posted December 24th, 2012 - 5:11 am by from Montgomery, United States (Permalink)
I took a break for a while. Now that I'm back it seems like i've returned to a community in disarray. My question to the active members here is what seems to be the problem?

The money has been procured. The changes, like them are not are going to happen. I would like to see what the top three issues are with the members of this forum.


1. Communication with Ambassadors and former volunteers. What are your intentions with us? Be blunt and to the point.

2. A simple explanation of what the future will be for CS. Explained not from a public relations prospective, but from the prospective of a Doctor explaining to a patient. We know corporate is in control. Please explain to us what your going to do with the site.

3. I want to know what the business plan is, whats the business model? Will CS end up being a hybrid kayak.com/facebook.com/intrepidtravel.com

Posted December 24th, 2012 - 7:59 am by from Dijon, France (Permalink)
"The money has been procured."


CS has been sold to investors, who hope to find a shitload of money at the end of the rainbow. CS's big money investors are not in the charity business. They have always been about return. Bet smart and find a cash cow. And as they have shown, destroying anything and everything about CS is not an issue if it gets them to the other side of the cash rainbow. Their definition of "community" is how many marks, how many unconscious suckers, can they find.

Your "want", like most people here, if for honesty.

Unfortunately, as two recent contrasting eSpinOza speeches - one given to what he calls the "products", ie to CS members like yourself, and the other to potential future investors and competitors - have very clearly shown, honesty is not on the agenda.

So many of us are here sifting through the data that is available to find out what the regime in place really has in store for the community it controls. It's like being a North Korea watcher.

The first big step has been changing the technical and philosophical structure of CS groups, starting with "Places", putting in place a very un-transparent system of censorship.

What do I want?

Truth. For myself and for all CSers.