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the deal between Facebook & C$
Posted August 30th, 2011 - 1:13 am by from Lapinlahti, Finland (Permalink)
This was today posted in our FB group by Rab Neutrino :

As one of the people now appointed to the board of the CS corporation (Matt Cohler) is also a "special advisor" to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg my guess is that the most likely exit strategy for the venture capitalists will be an eventual sale of CS to Facebook.

The value of Facebook lies in it's users - to Facebook we are all a commodity providing lots of valuable personal information which can be used by to target us with specific ads. Likewise with CS it's clear that the venture capital companies saw that here was a popular social networking site with a high number of active users who provide lots of valuable personal information (likes, dislikes, where you have travelled, where you want to travel) which is of value to advertisers.

Travel is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) sector of ecommerce and while couchsurfers may not always pay for their accommodation, they do spend money on flights, on hostels when no couches are available and/or in areas where there are no couchsurfers, on travel insurance, luggage/backpacks, tours and sightseeing etc etc

Given Facebooks lack of ethics (their priority is their advertisers and revenue sources, NOT us their users) I am very unhappy about having someone so closely involved with Facebook on the board of couchsurfing. The whole ethos of couchsurfing and the altruistic nature of hosting is in conflict with a profit driven corporation whose concerns lie with increasing revenue and providing a return to the owners (including the venture capitalists who now own a stake in the couchsurfing corporation).

Examples of Facebooks lack of ethics:


Matt Cohler

Status: Former Employee
Age: 33
Residence: San Francisco, CA
Education: BA, Yale University

Facebook stake: .8%
Value: $680 million
Former Vice President of Product Management, Matt Cohler was the first external executive hire at Facebook and also one of the first five employees to be hired by the company's founders. Cohler joined Facebook in 2005 during the company's critical growth period and helped drive Facebook's strategy, organizational growth and product direction. Prior to Facebook, Cohler was a founding member, Vice President, and General Manager at LinkedIn. In 2008, Cohler left Facebook to become General Partner at the Silicon Valley venture firm Benchmark Capital. Cohler's decision to leave Facebook came shortly after the departure of co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Adam D'Angelo, and according to some reports, has left speculation about the changing dynamic and culture of the company. However, Cohler continues to act as a special advisor to CEO Mark Zuckerberg.