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MicroAdventure #14: Offroad Race & Dipping @BlackSea!
Posted April 17th, 2012 - 10:28 pm by from Kadikoy, Turkey (Permalink)
After changing plans and destinations twice in every hour, we set off to go to a canyon 90 km from Istanbul.
It was raining cats and dogs and after meeting some cool guys that were driving to the shores of black sea to join an off road race tomorrow, whom invited us as well, we changed our route again, and went to swim in black sea under heavy rain, get tuned with wine and danced till midnight, watched a insane off-road race, sneaked into abondoned military bases by the side of bosporus, visited a thousand years old castle at the entrance of bosporus, etc etc.

the beginning of the trip, from the time 0, we all get all of our bones wet...

Last time I swam in Black Sea, was in Microadventure #2, in December, now its aprli, but the sea is probably even colder. It doesnt matter anyway, as its already raining like hell and we are already wet.

Hanging around with the team members, we were benfiting from free dinner that was prepared for them. And then the dance, and music..

A shot from the race, This ridiculous race represents all the things that i dislike in the modern world, but still i gotta admit that the addicteveness of the adrenaline thats in the air during the race.

Stumbling upon a large group of storks...

Life on the edge...

The main reason that we announce the trip, at the last moment or at the last hour, is the very fact that we usually chose the destination and everything in the last moment...
In that cases I message everyone in my contact list, that i thing woudl be interested.
If you d like to hear about the last moment spontaneus trips PM me your phone number! 0530 575 60 50.

All the best
With Love

Posted April 17th, 2012 - 10:33 pm by from Kadikoy, Turkey (Permalink)
Oupps, you can see the rest of pictures from here and a video of us running to the sea from here.