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Politically incorrect
Posted October 4th, 2012 - 3:17 pm by from Providence, United States (Permalink)
You should NOW protest at
the Federal Trade Commission which is sort of the data protection authority in
the US:


click on "complaint assistent" and fill in following this
pattern:(Exemplary for the U.S. FTC formular)

Issue: Select {Other – None of these describe my concern}

Select {Internet} and {Other Internet Practices}

Select {I have a complaint about my options (or lack of) for protecting my
privacy on a website}

Select {Yes}

(you have to fill in .com instead of .org as the form doesn´t accept .org; but
I´ve put the website url next to CS internation; zip means that number 94...,
fill it in by hand, it won´t get copypasted; also, it won´t accept the url as a
mail address, so I copypasted there policies@couchsurfing.com)

CouchSurfing International

ECM #86600

PO Box 7775

San Francisco


(zip) 94120-7775




Next Page: unimportant (> you don´t need to fill it in, go to "next

Additional Info: (copy the text below into the form)

As one of about more than 2.5 million European members of the social network
couchsurfing.org (5 million in total), I am very concerned about the upcoming
change of their Terms of Use on September 21st, 2012, which is in direct,
massive breach of Directive 95/46/EC as well as the U.S.-E.U. Safe Harbor
Agreement and worse than anything ever brought up by facebook and likewise.

CouchSurfing for seven years used to be a non-profit hospitality network and
community of trust. Trusting the explicit guarantee from its founders that
CouchSurfing.org will always remain a public non-profit charity entity and
encouraged to do so by the management, 5 million volunteers and members freely
donated money, labor, hospitality, time, talent and last bit not least
explicit, highly veridical und valuable private data, to build up most of the
network's current value.

In August 2011 the founders suddenly announced that the entire site had been
converted to a commercial profit-making corporation and sold out to venture
capitalists. After rebuilding and restructuring their complete database and
thereby adding immense value to the data, CouchSurfing International, Inc.
announced around August 31, 2012 new “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy”.

According to these Terms of Use – which are in parts contradictory to the new
“Privacy Policy” – all members, who log into the service after this week’s
Friday 21, 2012, waive their complete rights as for example given by
Directive 95/46/EC or the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Agreement and inter alia grant
CouchSurfing International, Inc. the unlimited, perpetual, irrevocable right to
use, distribute, sell or modify their name, likeness, voice or identy including
their profile information, pictures, messages, posts, references etc. whenever
it had been entered to the site, even if “deleted” in the past. Indeed there is
no way to actually delete data from the service, all data is stored permanently
and can only be “deactivated”. It will not be possible to retract this grant.
The members have to agree that these terms can be changed at any time without
notice with immediate effect, leading to the paradox situation, that
CouchSurfing International, Inc. can do whatever they want and don’t have to
stick to their own Terms of Use.

These steps must be as well seen as unfair, misleading, nontransparent and