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MU http://mu.hu/msor/angol.html
Posted January 22nd, 2010 - 3:19 pm by from Budapest, Hungary (Permalink)
22nd, 23rd of January 20:00 p.m. DANCE
Friday, Saturday
Ticket price: 1.600 HUF
Student ticket: 1.000 HUF

New dances/9
Budapest Dance School night

New piece, new structure.

Choreography: Fülöp László
Performers: Bordás Emil, Cuhorka Emese, Hevér Zsófia, Maros Judit, Mizsei Zoltán
Music: Mizsei Zoltán
Lightning: Pete Orsolya

"whatisthematterwithyou?!nothing?!” – asked Batyu. And we all had a laugh. I was laughing too for all that I was grieved. It sounded humorously absurd and mercilessly cruel at the same time. And it occured to me for the first time what if that certain Something I am looking for lies right in this „nothing”. Nothing spectacular, unostentatious, very simple at a first sight. I sit and wait patiently. And it appears that simplicity is a very tricky system. It works smoothly and undetected. If I want to see the point of it, I come to nothing, if I only look on it, I can clearly feel it. It’s perfect and imperfect at the same time. It’s wonderful for it’s human, it’s wonderful for it’s the human itself. I have been looking for these „nothings” for a while now and here you are: we’ve got a good piece of them right here” (Fülöp László)

Number nine
Fixed structure, renewed motion theme.

Artistic conception: Angelus Iván
Music: Gabrielle Roth
Rehearsal leader: Pete Orsolya
Choreography and dance: Eszlári Mirjam, Hársfai Noémi, Horváth Nóra, Lengyel Polett, Medveczky Balázs, Mikola Orsolya, Molnár Dániel, Rab Alexandra, Ruzicska Mercédesz.

Fixed motion theme, renewed structure.

Original choreography: Trisha Brown
Music: Laurie Anderson
Original scenery and costumes: Robert Rauschenberg
Costumes in Budapest: Németh Anikó
Rehearsal leaders: Vicky Shick and Éva Karczag – dancers of original cast of the play

Re-presenting and dance: Biczók Anna, Bordás Emil, Busa Balázs, Cuhorka Emese, Hrotkó Heléna, Kelemen Patrik, Drávucz Petra

Renewal of Trisha Brown’s choreography (1983) – whereever it happens in the world – is never simply a re-construction, it’s always a re-creation. Original forms of motion are placed in new structures according to original rules. That’s exactly what happened here. Staging was arranged and led by Éva Karczag and Vicky Shick, dancers of original cast of the play. Rehealsals started in September 2009 after several years of spade-work. Each dancer graduated from the Budapest Dance School has chosen a present-day student of the school to work with during the rehearsal process. The version of performance presented in MU Theatre is both independent of the piece premièred in Trafo in 2009 and is unrelated to original piece.

Assistant, lightning and lightning technique: Pete Orsolya
Managing, lightning, direction: Angelus Iván

More information, pictures, comments, reviews, videos, open days, dates of audition: www.tanc.org.hu

Thanks to Leszták Tibor and the renewed MU Theatre.

With the support of: DÉPARTS, NKA, Új Előadóművészeti Alapítvány.
Special thanks to: Trisha Brown Foundation.


24th, 25th of January 20:00 p.m. DANCE
Sunday, Monday
Ticket price: 1.800 HUF
Student ticket: 1.000 HUF

The Symptoms: You Are Being So Strange Today

Choreographer: Réka Szabó
Dancer: Zsófia Tamara Vadas
Musician: Hunor G. Szabó
Visual design: Kiégő Izzók
Special thanks to: Michaela Pein

A hard-hitting visual team, a twisted noisemaker-musician, and a dancer with a weight problem ponder the question of: How to be one’s own shadow?

"The quasi-solo piece entitled You Are So Strange Today is a worthy
sequel to Szabó's recent work that has been persistently self-ironic and
keen on holding up a distorting mirror to the world."

An improvising duet composed for a dancer and a noisist, You Are Being So Strange Today has been invited for performances at such distinguished venues as the Nu Dance Festival in Bratislava, the Vasarely Museum in Budapest, and the Museum of Fine Arts, also of Budapest.

With the support of: L1 DanceLab, OKM, Marland KFT, tancelet.hu, szinhaz.hu
Media support: FidelioEst

The Symptoms: Clearing the Attic
- a study in motion and psyche -

Directed by: Réka Szabó
Coreography, dance: Vera Jarovinszkij, Andrea Nagy, Anna Réti, Réka Szabó
Music: dj Mangó, Albert Márkos, Márton Németh - Eastend Studio
Light: Gerzson Péter Kovács
Text: Ádám Petri Lukács, Réka Szabó
Costumes: Juristovszky Szosa
You can all stay home, for all I care. I don't want to be nice. I've got nothing in my hands, not even kind words, to lure you to this place.
All I've got is this great yearning in my heart to get rid of all this junk, all the building blocks of my deliberately sheltered existence.
We hoard our junk-heap within us, carrying it about with mounting weariness, fumbling miserably among the wreckage of our lives.
„Hungarian contemporary dance recently gave birth to a new genre we might call singles ballet. Although the athletic figure enacted by choreographer-performer Réka Szabó could be the envy of the slightly overweight Bridget Jones, the two have so much in common in terms of their fate and innermost qualities that they would surely understand each other on the subject of clearing one’s spiritual attic, without the help of an interpreter. This is because Szabó is an accomplished interpreter of sorts herself, doing a superb job translating verbal messages into motion, and vice versa.”
(Csaba Kutszegi, Magyar Hírlap)
The piece garnered an award at the 2007 Budapest Fringe Festival, and has been invited for performances at such noted events as the Bratislava in Movement and the Ars Poetica Festival, both held in Slovakia.
With the support of: L1 Independent Dancers' Partnership, NKA, Committee of the Budapest City General Assembly
Media support: FidelioEst