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XMAS 2012 in Barcelona 25th Dec - 4th edition
Posted December 13th, 2012 - 8:41 am by from Barcelona, Spain (Permalink)
It is Christmas time! Let's do it together!!! 25th Dec Event
Welcome to everyone to the spirit of Couchsurfing made into Christmas goodness. This is the very day where perfect strangers can really be like family, when the real family is far away from where you are living, traveling or just in holiday at xmas time... and it is magical!!!

This is my 4th year organising it! And it is one of the most beautiful event that you can participate:

Look at some pictures of the past event
2011 Xmas

2011 Pre-Xmas party

2010 Xmas

And I have more pictures of Xmas but I didn't upload them...

The important thing is following 5 simple rules (you can even count them on your favourite hand :D)

1) Bring a gift well wrapped worth at least 10/15€ , you can even recycle something that you already have, but please try to make a gift that you would like to receive. It works pretty well if you are doing your own creative thing (last year there was a painted canvas that was really requested), it it craft it is loved even more. So please, think about it.
We gonna play the Secret Santa (Amigo invisible) with a funny twist!!! :D

2) Bring prepared or very delicious food (and some drinks too) to be shared, this is not a simple party, it is christmas party!!! Chips, chorizo, olives and frozen pizza bought last minute at the paki are not welcome. Think to bring something that is healthy, tasty and you put your passion in it. Part of the magic of Christmas it is even coming prepared for it. Last year we had someone bringing Tiramisu, a majestic tasty Domeniquan Salad, or a Risotto with shirmps, and good quality cava. Better the food, better the quality of the party. For the people that are traveling and cannot prepare any food, just bring an extra portion of drinks. I will take care of all the plastic dishes and cups, and for some basic food and drinks, but please people if you can bring your own drink as well to make the wine flow, great!

3) Bring a red santa hat (and if you wish, bring red clothes and even red underwear!!!) It is much more fun when everyone has a silly hat on their head during xmas. They are really cheap to find at chinese cheap stores all around town. I have some at home in the case that you cannot find it, just ask. We gonna do as well a group picture and so, look fancily red! :D

4) Help to keep clean the place we gonna be a shitload of people, and because I am by myself I would love for some to help me in taking care of keeping everything clean, tidy and the trash thrown away once the party is over. It just take a little bit of consideration and help during the party, if everyone do their own part, it will be easier for me to don't get stressed :D (I tend to run everywhere during party to keep everything under control).

5) There is no smoking policy in my flat so please if you have to smoke, just get your coat and go down in the street, I really really cannot stand smoking and this would be a personal favour for me. And please don't throw things from the balcony!!!
So if you want to participate, I just warn you we have a much smaller place this time that last years, but this is not gonna stop to have at least 30 people in it! So spread everywhere in the house, even in the shower if you wish. I will send a private message with the directions and my mobile number once you joined.

The event will start at 14:00 and it will carry on till the deep night.

Unluckily this year because of the crappy CS website change, I am gonna organise it on facebook. So I am sure that communications doesn't get in the way of organization.
And as well first arrived, first served!!! :D So the earlier to join, they will have for sure a place.
Because people tend to come and go, and change plan, once we hit the 30 people list there will be usually a waiting list. Just email me on littlemad@gmail.com I'll keep track of everything.

So, let's be prepare for XMAS!!!! And in main while... be merry!

Join on Facebook, I am scared that even this is gonna change and than we lose contact between each other!!!!

p.s. if you have guitars and instruments, bring it! we will sing together!!!
p.p.s. if you have xmas songs or any other cool music, just bring your ipod we can connect it to the speakers :)
And here the activity, join this too so we can see our profiles :)