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14-22 jan in Long Island
Posted January 8th, 2012 - 5:02 am by from Washington, United States (Permalink)
Hi every one, Happy new year

I will go to Long Island for 9 days starting at 14th from Washington DC. I would like to explore the city and if anyone is available for coffee or drink I would be glad to meet up.


Posted January 9th, 2012 - 5:22 pm by from Uniondale, United States (Permalink)
There are a few things you may find of interest:

Next Sunday is the January Hot Chocolate Crawl ("http://www.facebook.com/events/294922000559463"). It goes on from 3 to 6 pm and is part of a monthly Food Crawl wherein people go to multiple establishments and try out the best of a particular type of food that the city has to offer. Then they vote on which ones were the best.

I don't see much in my calendar during the week, but on the following Saturday there are a few interesting things going on:

On the 21st, Maul Your Feet III ("http://www.facebook.com/events/223019177772158/"), 15 mile hike through the concrete jungle that I lead every now and then. This time around, we're going from Elmhurst, NY, along Queens Blvd, across the Queensboro Bridge over Roosevelt Island, through Central Park, down Broadway, up the length of the High Line Park (an old elevated railway converted into a recreation area, to Penn.

Also on the 21st, Ice Box Derby III ("http://www.facebook.com/events/266219346769375/"), downhill racing in Big Wheels and boxcars in Central Park. Costumes are often involved. They do this twice a year. It's fairly popular during the Summer version, but during this one you get the really nutty, dedicated racers. They're generally pretty cool people and would probably give you a try on their vehicles. That's at 3pm around 105th Street near the eastern edge of the park.

Also on the 21st, Boom Box Dance Party ("http://www.newmindspace.com/boombox-party-nyc"): a DJ walks around with an FM transmitter and other people stroll around with FM receiving boom boxes so there can be an immensely spread out, outdoor, roving musical smorgasbord.

There are a few mailing lists which exclusively cover interesting or offbeat events in the NYC area. The most useful one is at "http://nonsensenyc.com/". Every Friday late afternoon (sometimes in the evening), they send out a list of gatherings of note happening from Friday to Thursday. Most of them are free and somewhat artsy or nutty.

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Posted January 9th, 2012 - 5:46 pm by from Buffalo, United States (Permalink)
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Posted January 9th, 2012 - 6:51 pm by from Uniondale, United States (Permalink)
My sources are pretty diverse. It's nice when you have a choice of multiple crazy things to do every weekend. Being near a city full of crazy art people

Gemini & Scorpio
This is similar to the Nonsense List. The girl who runs this also runs various sexytime events, such as an occasional kissysmoochy party ( I think her name for it is a bit more refined, though) and a dance party at a Russian Baths, complete with acoustic band, if I recall correctly.

Agua NYC
Friend this person. Once every month or two, he sends out invites to a Brazilian pool party at the Grace Hotel on 45th St. It's a nice, smallish indoor bit of water with a poolside bar and decently large steam room and sauna, as well as an acoustic band. And most everybody is super sexy there. I find that people who like to do cool events tend towards going here, so it's a good place to network about such things.

Fluff McFluffster (you could also just search for the name and add him) has an undercurrent mission of boosting the New York underground life. He's all about putting together fun things to do which are entirely noncommercial and entirely fun, the kind of thing where everybody brings something to represent their own individuality and sense of fun. He runs the Big Wheel and Ice Box races in Central Park every year, and he has an annual giant parade called Kaleidoscope (for some bizarre reason it was called "Castles in the Sky" this year, but I like the original name), wherein everybody wears a single colour and goes about on stilts and roller skates or whatnot with hoops and poi and musical instruments or whatnot and amuses the locals and the tourists. And he also runs the Hipnic, which is a every-other-week picnic during the Summer at the High Line Park with acoustic music and bubbles and hoops and all that razzamatazz. It is also a good place to hob-knob about the fun upcoming things going on.

There are a few local burner groups on Facebook, but the past few months they've been almost taken over by commercial club promoters. But the club nights that are promoted in the groups *are* friendly to burners, with the UV lights and the aerial silk performers and what have you. So you could always check them out:
No Burner Left Behind: http://www.facebook.com/groups/184633884911471/
Burning Man NYC: http://www.facebook.com/groups/4813367490/

Jeff Mach Events
This is run by some guy whose name I forget. His weekend-long events are sort of halfway between burner events and hotel science fiction conventions. Tons of performances all over the place, heavily boozy parties at night, fire shows, magicians, mentalists, musicians, comedians, and a heavy assortment of local circus and burlesque performers. His centerpiece event is called the "Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire", and it is quite a lot of fun. Also, all day/night free communal tea parties, orgies in like half of the top floor parties, costumes all over the place, and a random dude who always brings a theremin. NB: It almost entirely has nothing to do with Renaissance Faires save for the preponderance of corsets and occasional fairy wings.

These guys put together massive-scale free events a few times a year in NYC as well as a couple other cities. They're doing that boom box party, and they also have the Pillow Fight and Bubble Battle as claims to fame every year.

These guys do the No Pants Subway Ride (this just happened yesterday, though I missed it this time around) and the Mp3 Experiment (thousand-person silent synchronized Simon Says), both very fun flashmobby events. They do other things, but most of their events are in small groups, and you only hear about them after the fact, which is a shame.

There are also the various pub crawls: Santacon ("http://santacon.info/") in mid-December, as well as costumed, themed pub crawls like Piratecon ("http://piratecon.info/") in mid-September or BunnyCon ("http://bunnycon.info/") in late March. There are non-costumed pub crawls, but if it's only about drinking, I can just drink at home. :P

Those are just the general-fun groups. Beyond that, it depends on what your specific interests are. I have, for example, resources on more of the burner stuff as well as the many-mile walkers and science fiction conventioners, and I keep my ear to the ground with special attention to spinners of the hoop and poi variety, because they're a special blend of hot.

Also: http://figmentproject.org/ ← go to this
Also also: http://makerfaire.com/ ← go to this

Posted January 9th, 2012 - 6:53 pm by from Uniondale, United States (Permalink)
"Being near a city full of crazy art people" → "Being near a city full of crazy art people makes it really easy!" (yikes, and that was after about ten minutes of proofreading!)

Posted January 9th, 2012 - 7:03 pm by from Uniondale, United States (Permalink)
Btw, Claire, high five from the North Shore LIJ Neuroimaging Research Lab! :D