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Euro trip June-August Looking for friends to travel with
Posted March 20th, 2013 - 9:14 am by from Sacramento, United States (Permalink)

Hello all facebookers, Couchsurfers, travel junkies, and adventurous people! As you know i love to travel and have planned a trip to Europe this summer.
Down below is my Itinerary BUT nothing is set in stone and all dates are tentative for now. Depending on what kind of response i get back, the leaving date and
return date will be changed. Dates will also change depending on festivals and local events, also we can add a city in, if you would like. I plan on mostly traveling by
train but if i can get atleast two more brave souls, we could rent a car! Its cheaper than taking the intrarail, not to forget about the scenery, plus im a good driver, even in other countries ill get us where we
need to go, although there might be a few wrong turn involved :) Along the way i plan to eat as much as possible and stop at a few good pubs, night clubs, museums, beaches, castles, and ofcourse some raves. I plan on mostly staying with couchsurfers(for free) and hostels, again depending on the amount of people we could work things out.

So, i am extending this offer to join me to anyone and everyone! You can come for the entire time or meet me for a week or month. Even if you dont want to do forward this to anyone you think would be interested please!!!, the more the merrier(and cheaper)! Please just have an open mind and love for new places.

All of the people i tagged have expressed some kind of interest or like traveling, dont be alarmed if your neither :) Sorry for all the typos and also i will be posting this a few more times before i book the trip which should be at the end of February.

Itinerary for Europe:

May 30th - Get ready for the best two months of your life! :)
June 1st - Plane to London
June 2nd - Explpore London
June 3rd - Explore London
June 4th - Explore London(surrounding areas)
June 5th - Train to Paris
June 6th - Explore Paris
June 7th - Explore Paris
June 8th - Explore Paris(surrounding area)
June 9th - Train to Madrid
June 10th - Explore Madrid
June 11th - Expore Madrid
June 12th - Explore Madrid(surrounding area)
June 13th - Train to Barcelona
June 14th - Explore Barcelona(beach day)
June 15th - Beach day
June 16th - Explore Barcelona(Ferry to Ibiza?)
June 17th - Train to Monaco
June 18th - Explore Monaco
June 19th - Beach day
June 20th - Train to Rome
June 21st - Roam in Rome :)
June 22nd - Explore Rome
June 23rd - Explore Rome
June 24th - Explore Rome(surrounding area)
June 25th - Train to Venice
June 26th - Explore Venice
June 27th - Explore Venice(Day trip to Bratislava?)
June 28th - Relax
June 29th - Train to Vienna
June 30th - Explore Vienna
July 1st - Explore Vienna
July 2nd - Train to Prague
July 3rd - Explore Prague
July 4th - Explore Prague
July 5th - Train to Berlin
July 6th - Explore Berlin
July 7th - Explore Berlin
July 8th - Explore Berlin(Explore Germany?)
July 9th - Explore Berlin(surrounding area)
July 10th - Train to Amsterdam
July 11th - Rage
July 12th - Rage
July 13th - Recover
July 14th - Recover
July 15th - Train to Brussels
July 16th - Explore Brussels
July 17th - Explore Brussels
July 18th - Train to London
July 19th - Explore UK
July 20th - Explore UK
July 21st - Explore UK
July 22nd - Explore UK( Train to Scotland?)
July 23rd - Relax and think of all the amazing things we did!
July 24th - Plane back to Home :)

Thanks for checking it out, contact me any way you would like. Happy Travels!


ADD ME ON FB navy_sin@yahoo.com

Posted April 9th, 2013 - 3:37 am by from Merced, United States (Permalink)
Hi Navy,
I'm backpacking/couchsurfing through Europe this year. I'll be starting in Ireland on April 29, moving around the island for a month or so, then moving on to Scotland/England before hitting the European mainland. I don't have much of a schedule, but let's keep in touch. Maybe I'll tag along with you for a while. I see you're at Sac State - I went to school at UC Berkeley and live in Merced. It's great that you've driven all over North America. I took a five-month motorcycle trip around the U.S. last year, and now I'm itching to see Europe.
Happy travels!

Posted May 18th, 2013 - 8:43 pm by from Sacramento, United States (Permalink)
Are you in Europe bro?