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[Group announcement] (Help needed) List of weekly events and CSHK Wiki
Posted April 16th, 2013 - 3:35 am by GUSGUSGUS from Kowloon West, China (Permalink)
Hi Everyone

Help needed!!

Today, the new CS management has (again) changed the web interface.

Now, the only way CS travellers can find out about our CSHK Weekly Meetups (Thurs and Sat) and our CSHK Wiki is to make them on the list of "Trending Events in Hong Kong".

To do that, it needs a lot of "Follow" (similar to "Like" on Facebook)

May I ask you to click "Follow Event" and "Join" in the 3 links below to bump them up:




If you have time, click JOIN to each event (it doesn't matter whether you are going to come every time).

NOTE: these 3 new event links do *not* replace our weekly meetup annoucement in this Group.

Offical annoucement and updates of events will continue to be made in this group.

These links are made just to help new CSers to find out about our Weekly Meetups.

Thanks guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Group announcement] Bookmark this page / Bad news: Wrong removal of the CS "Community Box"
Posted February 8th, 2013 - 7:18 am by GUSGUSGUS from Kowloon West, China (Permalink)
Hi All

Happy Chinese New Year!! I wish you all health and great happiness in the coming year!

Unfortunately, it seems to a challenging year ahead for those of us who want to keep communicating with old and new friends on CS.

Yesterday, the new CS management has made a very wrong decision to delete the Greeting Box (containing links to the CS Wiki, Weekly Meetup details and sub-groups, they call it "Community Details box") in the new Places page of every CS city.

Upon the deletion of the greeting box (target date is on 12 Feb), the link to this the CSHK People group from the Places group will be LOST.


I suggest that you bookmark our group page:

The press announcement by CS:

Comments/ What CS is not telling you (I contributed some comments too):


We don't know what will happen on 12 February (LA time).

Let's keep an eye on CS and also on this group.

Remember, The CS Hong Kong Community (the people, not the group) will continue to exist notwithstanding the (unwelcome) changes CS is making to the Places/Group pages. The group/Places is only the medium we communicate on.

Group moderator

Posted December 11th, 2012 - 3:42 pm by GUSGUSGUS from Kowloon West, China (Permalink)
Hi All,

As said in an earlier post in the Places group, here are some important updates and next steps for our CSHK community. (Bear with me for the long post, it is necessary to set out everything in the clear - communication is very important - if one thing this webpage has learnt!)

On 6 Dec (around mid-night HK time)
Many groups on the CS site went frozen all of a sudden, include the CSHK group, the Error message advised that the site was under migration to a new format.

On 7 Dec (night)
Most CS groups were un-frozen, incl the CSHK group, however, a new format of groups were introduced to all groups under the "Places" category. The new format is very different from the old one, most of the functions in the old format were gone, the new format has a lot of similarity to Facebook Timeline. There is a common displeasure among CSers worldwide with the new format, the unwelcome changes include (in reference to our group):

- ALL the posts of the CSHK group since 2006 were gone(!) - incl some very useful advices on Chinese visas, things to see/do in HK, Airport to city, bag storage around town contributed by many CSers through the years;
- ALL the details in the "detail box" of the CSHK group were gone - now CSers cannot find the details of the 2 weekly meetups on Thurs and Sat (HK Island and Kowloon), or quick-read info about HK;
- Links to ALL CSHK sub-groups were gone (our sub-groups incl: Last minute couch, For Sale, Job-search, Hiking group, Cooking group, etc);
- The search function had gone;
- Our group was merged with CS Shenzhen and was renamed "CS New Territories, including Shenzhen, Admiralty and Surrounding Area", and then renamed again to "CS Hong Kong, including Shenzhen, Admiralty etc";
- The CS Hong Kong Wiki complied by our group volunteers will be 100% deleted on 14 Dec - all our hard work in the past years will be gone forever (!!!);
- Some posts on the new format group expressing dissenting comments or inquiring about the change magically disappeared;
- Every Facebook user, whether he/she is a CSer or not, can make posts and reply to any post; and
- The posts in the new format group are not easy to read.

These changes came as a total shock to the CS community worldwide, *no* members (incl Ambassadors and Moderators) were fore-warned/informed.

From 7 to 10 Dec
There was an international uproar against the CS management from many CS group members on CS, Facebook, petition.org... etc.
The CS Support forum where members were directed to make comments/suggestions received thousands of comments/suggestions (incl many from our dear CSHK friends who care a lot about our community). CS had not acted on the comments/suggestions. Many CS ambassadors (incl myself) and veteran members reached out to CS management to voice out the community concerns, they were ignored/ got told off. Many ambassadors in Europe and US felt disgusted and resigned.

Here's an independent article on how CS had changed its financial structure since May 2012: http://www.inc.com/magazine/201206/issie-lapowsky/couchsurfing-new-profit-model.html

From 7 to 11 Dec
CS city groups worldwide came up with different solutions to deal with the loss of posts. Here's a summary:

- Option 1: Moving to a new group under a group category other than "CS Places". The new group will still operate under the "old style", ie. previous posts are recorded, search function is enabled, detail box is enabled, links to sub-groups are allowed.
(CS Chicago, CS New York, many neighbour groups under CS China, some of the bigger city groups)
- Option 2: Moving to BeWelcome, a France-registered NGO - many groups under CS Brazil and CS France.
- Option 3: Moving to Facebook/Meetup - some smaller city groups in the US.

2) Going Forward
After discussing with my fellow CSHK group moderators Wouter and Laetitia, we decided to go with Option 1.

It's a very difficult decision to make. But we do see the benefit of going with the flow with the other big city groups. The main reason is that, if every CS community is going separate way moving to a different internet platform (eg. Facebook, Meetup, BeWelcome), our one strong international CSer community will eventually split up and there will no longer be a large unified CS community - it will then not be easy for members to travel to different cities to find and meet the local CS community.

This, however, is not guaranteed to be a long-term workable solution, CS had not announced any future plan for groups that are set up under a non-Place category. In the future, if it happens that the new CSHK non-Place group is to be destroyed, we will need to discuss what other internet medium we shall move to, I will of course love to hear from you if such drastic change has to be made (i hope not).

So, the new CSHK "People" group is here: https://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=59854
I call for everyone of you to join this new group and suggest that we communicate with our CSHK community there.

The new CSHK People group operates under the "old style" before the changes. All previous posts can be saved and searched. Detail box contains info about our 2 weekly CSHK meetups. Links to sub-group uploaded. CS Wiki page link enable.

I'll speak to our CSHK Wiki volunteers (Maureen, Jeppe) to help move our CS Wiki page to another location, and our CS New Member Welcoming volunteers (Elaine, Ruby) to begin sending new member welcome message for the new CSHK People group.

It was not an easy step to be made, basically, doing this we sacrificed the long list of members 7,850 (guys - i was planning to organise a BIG party when our member number reaches 8,000, now this will not happen very soon i'm afraid *sob*).

Our group moderators (Wouter, Laetitia and myself) will love to hear from you. Feel free to send us messages.

Remember - We, the CSHK members, are the CSHK community. The Hong Kong CS Places group was the medium we used to communicate with each other on, it is very sad it had been taken away from us on 6 Dec without us being consulted/fore-warned.

Let's work together to develop and sustain our community in the new CSHK People group!! I look forward to seeing you all there! (and also meeting you in person in the CSHK Xmas dinner on 22 Dec!!)

Thank you for reading,

A useful link
Posted January 15th, 2013 - 3:58 am by GUSGUSGUS from Kowloon West, China (Permalink)
a lot of us have asked where the "General introduction to CS" page has gone to under the new website layout, here it is:


This is useful to guide hosts/surfers/members:
- how to write couch requests/ meetup requests
- how to read a profile
- how to complete his/her profile
- how to get involved in city groups
etc. etc.

(PS: Thanks to a fellow CSer who found this after clicking many links on the site - this is how she found it: "So this is how I found the page: 'trust and safety' --> bottom right: 'safety tips' --> bottom right: 'more tips'")

Welcome to the group!
Posted December 11th, 2012 - 1:42 pm by GUSGUSGUS from Kowloon West, China (Permalink)
Hi All,

Welcome to the group! The past week hasn't been easy for many of us but I'm glad to know that many of us are still very passionate about CS and the wonderful CSHK community.

So here we are, in the new "CSHK People group" - a group that allow us to keep in touch with each other, organise meetups. It has all the old functions that we like and are familiar of - to save useful advices, post details about weekly meetups, etc etc.

I look forward to a bright new start in this new medium.

Happy CS-ing,