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Welcome to the Group
Posted January 10th, 2013 - 11:24 pm by Diamond.London from London, England (Permalink)
*** Canary Islands Group For Active CouchSurfers 2013 ***
This Group is for people that live and visit the Canary Islands and want to actively support the other members of the group by actively helping answer other people's questions.

*** Why was this group created? ***
There are several other Canary Island groups, but a quick survey of the last 100 posts from other Canary Islands Groups shows that approx 60% of posts NEVER get a single response.

The pattern of the majority of posts being unanswered seems to occur in all the Canary Islands Groups. We wanted to create a group about this amazing part of the world in which the majority of questions will get answered.

This group is about QUALITY of answers not Quantity of members so if you join you should understand that if you don't make an attempt to ask a question or answer another person's question within 7 days of joining that you may find yourself removed as a group member.