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Looking to set-up a group housing situation in East Van - Spring 2013
Posted December 12th, 2012 - 11:35 pm by from Vancouver, Canada (Permalink)
(re-posted from Craigslist - sorry, so busy!)

I realize it's probably a bit early to be posting on here but I thought I would give it a shot...

Sometime in the spring, I will be looking to set-up a group living arrangement, hopefully in a lovely character house in East Van. I currently live on the Drive and am desperate to stay, but I would consider moving over to Main or down to Hastings/Sunrise as well, for the right place.

I currently live alone, as I am working full-time, but I plan on going back to school full-time next fall. This means my budget will be drastically reduced so I would like to save some money and find some awesome people to live with!


I consider myself to be pretty laid-back, passionate, intelligent, informed, opinionated...pretty much your typical WestCoast-raised, EastVan-living girl. I'm 26, currently working for an accounting firm and applying to journalism programs for the fall. I have a cat, so anyone with allergies will be uncomfortable in the house. And, while I enjoy other animals, she does not so she will have to be the only pet. I read a lot, watch a limited amount of TV (this changes drastically when there's hockey!) and enjoy getting out of town (or at least outside!) when I can. I snowboard, like to camp, hike, ride my bike around town...I'm also a burlesque dancer and, between that and my full time job, I spend a lot of time out and about. I drink, smoke and use the odd substance recreationally. No smoking in the house, obviously.

I am a bit of a neat freak and would expect my housemates to be TIDY. Ideally, we find a place with a dishwasher! If you want to know what I mean by tidy and whether or not you would meet that definition, ask yourself these questions:

1) Does a ring of soap form in the bottom of your bathtub before you clean it? Does stuff have start growing in the toilet before you'll give it a scrub?
2) Do dishes regularly sit in your sink for more than a day, dishwasher or no?
3) Do you currently live in a shared living arrangement? Is it mostly your stuff everywhere in the common areas?
4) Has it been more than a month since you last brought out the vacuum?

If you answered yes to any of these, we won't work as roommates!

I've had mixed results with shared accomodation in the past - it's either been an amazing experience or a nightmare. I've found that laying out all expectations up front really helps. So do chore schedules, as unfun as they are. I like being social with housemates - dinners together, hanging out, watching movies, even just a "Hey, how was your day?" catch-up over a glass of wine after work - so anyone who just likes to go into their room and close the door at the end of the day (yes, I once had a roommate who did just that EVERY SINGLE DAY) is not my idea of a good housemate. I am busy though and I do need my own time on occasion so don't worry - I won't smother you :p

- Ideally somewhere in East Van
-Available for April/May/June
- 4-6 bedrooms
- Maximum rent $800 each, including utilities.

I am happy to do most of the leg-work to look for a place and to adjust rent according to room size/amenities/etc. $800 would ideally include everything but we'll just have to see what's out there. However, the lease will need to be co-signed by at least one other person in the house and a contract will be drawn up for all occupants of the house so that everyone knows where they stand with regards to rent/expectations. I would prefer people who will commit to staying for 6 months or more but that's not set in stone.

If any of this appeals to you, shoot me an message. This post is just to give a general idea and definitely I'm open to suggestions. Ideally, I'd like to meet in person at least once before setting this up - but there's plenty of time!