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Come be a Vagabond with me.
Posted September 4th, 2010 - 1:30 am by from Montreal, Canada (Permalink)

I've finally found a place to settle down for a while, as a live-in maid near Toronto, but every time I take a walk I have an intense desire to just keep going in one direction until I hit the coast or something - I want to backpack across Canada!

Or something like that. It's been a dream of mine since I was a teen. I've roadtripped across a few times with my ex, but hitchhiking is a totally different experience. I've only hitchhiked a couple of times in the Rockies and had a blast doing it. I'm looking for a travel buddy that would like to go vagabonding with me. No chains, no schedules, no real destination, just loads of spontaneism, some great unconventinal traveling and sight-seeing, some soul searching, and a search for great conversations with strangers. I plan on dragging along a 2-person tent and doing some CouchSurfing along the way as well. I have no cellphone or laptop or anything like that. I have very little money and believe in trade much more than the world thinks that concept deserves. I'd like to start soon (sometime this month I guess. The sooner the better) so I can come back here before winter sets in... Well, that's if I feel like coming back afterwards!

Let me know if you're interested in this life-changing adventure =). It'd be best if we could start together but we can also meet up at a certain place. I'm originally from Montreal so I speak fluent French. I'd be more than happy to speak in French!

Oh yeah, direction. I dunno. I spent two months quickly roadtripping the East coast this summer and although it's gorgeous, I really love the Rockies and would like to delve into BC. What do you think? =)

No family connections, a dead-end job, a sense of worthlessness, a need to be free from this materialistic conventional life, a need to explore, take it all in and share... Consider it.

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Posted January 3rd, 2014 - 12:04 am by from Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Canada (Permalink)
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