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Watch After Earth Online Free (2013) or Download After Earth 2013 Movie Today : The Earth is a distant memory, abandoned by humanity during a time of ecological catastrophe millennia ago. Humankind's descendants found a new home on a world they named Nova Prime. There they thrived and grew, until the arrival of an aggressive alien species humans dubbed the Skrel, who attacked the survivors relentlessly for years. But humankind fought back with unfailing determination, led by the valiant United Ranger Corps, and resisted the Skrel's best attempts to wipe them out. ( Watch After Earth Online ) The war persisted off and on over centuries, and then the Skrel genetically engineered a weapon of mass destruction—one that would test Ranger determination and resourcefulness like no other. So now you've seen the first trailer for After Earth, Will Smith's new movie set in a future after the human race has abandoned our original home planet. But what kind of post-apocalyptic, space-faring future are we looking at here? And what kind of challenges do our descendants face, in M. Night Shyamalan's space opera?

Download After Earth Movie Free or Watch After Earth 2013 Online Today : Here's your first clue — an exclusive excerpt from Peter David's prequel story "After Earth: Ghost Stories: Hunted." The full e-book goes on sale in a few days, and it's the first of six prequel e-shorts. David is writing two of them, and there are also two each by Michael Jan Friedman and Robert Greenberger. These short e-books will fill in more of the backstory of the After Earth universe, to get you up to speed before After Earth opens on June 17. ( Download After Earth Movie ) The Tangredi Jungle was situated on the other side of the planet from Nova Prime City, although high-speed transport made it fairly easy to get to. Normally it was a popular place with hikers and campers, but there had been recent reports of killings that could only be attributed to Ursa. Bodies ripped apart, or devoured with just bits of bone and flesh left to indicate that they had ever been there at all.

Watch After Earth Online Free (2013) or Download After Earth 2013 Movie Today : Consequently, the Rangers had declared the area completely off limits to citizens of Nova Prime. It was an edict that made perfect sense; no reasonable individual would even think of disobeying it. The Rangers patrolled the area with some regularity, so you would have thought that any sort of hunting party through the Tangredi was an act of insanity. If the Ursa didn't get you, the Rangers bloody well would. ( Watch After Earth Online ) This was a prospect that didn't deter Ryerson in the least. Daniel wasn't quite sure what to make of that. What possible reason could there be for a man as high up on the food chain as Ryerson to risk being arrested, not to mention perhaps slain by an Ursa? It just didn't make any sense to Daniel. None of which changed the fact that he was busy crawling around on the ground, looking for some sign that an Ursa had been through the area recently; perhaps hours earlier.

Download After Earth Movie Free or Watch After Earth 2013 Online Today : Ryerson was leaning over Daniel's shoulder, watching him with intense curiosity. Daniel was clad in an up-to-date camouflage outfit, as were all of them. It seemed only fair, after all. The Ursa were fully capable of blending in seamlessly with their backgrounds, so why shouldn't human pursuers have that same advantage? Ryerson's hired hunters were spread out through the jungle, but they were not so unwise as to be in a position where the Ursa could pick them off one by one. ( Download After Earth Movie ) Instead they were moving in groups of two, covering each other's backs. To counteract the reputed camouflage abilities of the Ursa, each of their pulser rifles—nothing less would do the job—was equipped with a thermal sighting device. This should give the group a drop on any overconfident Ursa operating on the mistaken assumption that their camouflage would protect them. "You closing in on one of the bastards, Silver?"

Watch After Earth Online Free (2013) or Download After Earth 2013 Movie Today : "I'm seeing definite signs, sir. Like right here." He tapped a small pile of dirt in front of him. Ryerson looked puzzled. "Like what there?" "Ursa bury their feces. Makes them tougher to track, or presumably they think so. The result is little dirt mounds that look just like this. Also I've seen traces of what looks like the talons of an Ursa in the dirt. I could be wrong. It could be some other predator, one considerably less dangerous." "But you don't believe that to be the case." "No, sir, I do not," he said firmly. "Good lad. ( Watch After Earth Online ) Looks like I made the right choice," Ryerson said with a degree of self-satisfaction. "You certainly know a great deal about them." "I read a lot," he said, his voice flat. He paused and then said, "Mr. Ryerson, what are we doing out here? I mean, really? Are you—?" "Am I what?" When Daniel didn't respond immediately, Ryerson cracked a smile. "Did I just get a diagnosis from my doctor that my time's up? Or am I terminally suicidal and depressed? Something like that?"

Download After Earth Movie Free or Watch After Earth 2013 Online Today : "Something like, yeah." "Sorry to disappoint you, son." Ryerson thumped his chest. "But I'm in the pink of health. Nothing wrong, at least that I know of." "Then why?" "Because it's the next thing." "The next—?" "The next thing I want to do. The next challenge that I could find. That's how you get somewhere, son: by seeing what remains to be done and then doing it. ( Download After Earth Movie ) I want to be the oldest non-Ranger who has ever managed to kill an Ursa. If you ask me—which admittedly no one did, but that's never stopped me before—the Rangers are a bunch of arrogant, overconfident smug fools. Telling people where they can and can't go. Acting as if they are our only hope against the Ursa. I believe in self-reliance, Silver. Never a big fan of having someone else doing things on my behalf when I never asked them to, and then acting as if I owe them all some huge debt of gratitude. To hell with the Rangers. If you want a dead Ursa, then do it yourself. That's what I say."

Watch After Earth Online Free (2013) or Download After Earth 2013 Movie Today : "Well, I'll certainly do my best to help you achieve your goal." "And what about you?" Daniel was continuing to study the ground and was only listening with half an ear. "What about me what?" "Feeling better about the girl trying to push you out of her life?" "I don't care." "That's the spirit!" "No, you don't understand." He turned to look at Ryerson. "I don't care about anything. ( Watch After Earth Online ) I'm nothing without her. Hell, I was nothing with her." "Come on, Silver!" He chucked him on the shoulder. "Nothing good ever came from feeling sorry for yourself!" I don't feel sorry for myself. I don't feel anything. That's the point. "You're right, sir," he said, trying his best to provide some degree of emotion to his voice. "I'll try to remember th—" That was when the deafening roar of the Ursa sounded through the clearing.