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Posted November 6th, 2007 - 1:11 am by from San Diego, United States (Permalink)
I just saw the new guideline. It's a tad too serious for me (and authoritarian), so I'm dropping the group.

Sometimes mindless criticism is a way to vent. I'm not here to "be constructive" and talk serious politics. I have other places to go for that. I'm here to meet people and have fun.

Wishing you well.

Posted November 10th, 2007 - 5:20 am by from Sedona, United States (Permalink)
Well....I'd have to agree with SandDragon here...if you can't America-bash in a group called Americans Who Want Out group...where can you?

If you don't want America-bashing, then, change the name. The name itself implies "getting out" due to despair.

How about:
Americans Looking for Homes Abroad
Americans Looking to Live Abroad
Americans Who Want to Live Abroad

Names like that would attract people who would be more to your liking I'd think.

Posted November 11th, 2007 - 7:46 am by from Seattle, United States (Permalink)
I didn't mean for it to be so serious. I'm just making a preemptive effort to keep the content interesting. I mean, if there was a forum on CS that people just used as an excuse to lob asinine comments like FUCK BUSH!, who would want to read that? I hate Bush myself, and I'm sure 99% of CSers also hate him... but look at it this way: I also like cheese. Do I want to read a forum where people discuss their favorite cheeses and cheese-related experiences, or a forum where people just post stuff like "OMG I LOVE CHEESE TOO!"? That's what I meant by senseless.

Posted November 11th, 2007 - 7:47 am by from Seattle, United States (Permalink)
Also, find whoever told you that "meeting people and having fun" doesn't qualify as "being constructive," and kick them in the face for me. Meeting new people is the very essence of constructive.