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Working South Africa
Posted January 7th, 2013 - 1:09 pm by from Wroclaw, Poland (Permalink)
Hi Everybody!!

So I really can't describe how much I would \like to come and travel in South Africa. I'm a low budget kinda gal and up for couchsurfing, wwoofing and hitchhiking to keep costs down and make the experience more like an adventure

Only thing is even if I still do all that the airfare will leave me with nothing :( so I was wondering about trying to find some paid work

I'm an archaeologist by trade which is the kind of work I would like to fiund. I'm also trained as an activity instructor for climbing and have lots of experience so if there is a possibility for that kind of work I can do it, basically I just want to do any kind of work as long as it means I can be outdoors.

So am I dreaming? Is it possible to do this, can anyone help me with any leads etc?

O and I also have a TEFL qualification and experiece doing that

Any help or guidance is much appreciated

Posted January 7th, 2013 - 6:59 pm by from Johannesburg, South Africa (Permalink)
Hi Anastasia,

I'm kinda confused by your post. Archeology is a well paid field. Why would you be coming here with no money??

In terms of work, I've noticed a lot of europeans coming over to work albeit mostly being sponsored by their companies. It's typically quite hard to find work here without knowing some1 or without a highly sought after skill.

U can ask around at wonderwall in Joburg (http://www.wonderwall.co.za/) and city rock in Cape Town (http://www.cityrock.co.za/) for any positions re. climbing. I've seen 1 or 2 over the years although our climbing community over here is fairly small. Also check the CimbZA forums (http://www.climbing.co.za/)

There are quite a few farms on the WWOOF list so that may be your best bet if you plan to keep costs down. Getting there will be another story. I generally warn ppl against hitchhiking in SA as it can be dangerous, however some ppl have had amazing experiences so it's really at your own risk.

I've met a few couchsurfers who worked on game farms as volunteers and loved it, I have no leads unfortunately.

Finally, TEFL is pretty much useless over here since English is one of our main languages. Who knows though, maybe in a really rural area?

Good luck with your plans..