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rearranging subgroups of the vienna-group
Posted May 23rd, 2011 - 4:04 pm by from Vienna, Austria (Permalink)
hi you all!

du you have any opinions or ideas about this? here is the message vom vincenc posted in the sustainable-subgroup:



vincenc posted this message to: For a more sustainable world…let’s start in Vienna


Some of you know, some do not… but we are currently working around re-arranging (categorizing) the Vienna Sub-groups. Personally, I have spent the last few weeks (or more : ) ) contacting and discussing this with all Vienna sub-group moderators…

Until now, the only one that I did not have an answer is this group (my bad - wanted to speak personally with Massi)… since I personally support and like this group I actually did not want to change much about this group – that is, categorize it in another “main group” or something like that.

However, to make it fair, we either categorize all sub-groups or none… that is, my/our personal feeling about one or another group should not influence the process…

Therefore, as agreed by 95% of the moderators, we came up to few categories (see message below). The only one that did not agree with the idea was the mod. of “Vegan and Vegetarian in Vienna” (VeganChris).

After few e-mails, his only acceptable category was to put the “Vegan and Vegetarian” group together with the Sustainable group.

Since Chris could not help me with the name of that category and since this group is the only one that did not give me some feedback, with this message I would like to have some feedback and also some help : ) - so the questions that I have for you:

- Should we put Vegan and Sustainable group in one category?
- Maybe we should put the Vegan in Sustainable group - and leave the sustainable group as it is...?
- If yes,put them both in one category, how would you call it.. – I was thinking of “Vienna environmental group”?
- If not, where would you put it…?

my personal opinion would be the second option - put "Vegan and Vegetarian" group in the Sustainable group... what do you guys think?

Again, I know that some of your would prefer to have the group where it is… However, please understand that the current situation is simply not working… nobody looks at the sub-groups, most people simply post in the main group and some even open a new group (like two photography groups at the moment).


THE FOLLOWING IS THE Original idea – how they will be categorized (again, agreed by most moderators):

(2#) Vienna Ideas
(3#) Activities and Sports
(4#) Vienna Organization
(5#) Music / Art / Cultural Events/Performances
(6#) Language exchange
(7#) Gaming/Game evening
(8#) Dance/Play (Learn/teach)
(9#) Just for fun/Jokes etc.

more exactly:

30+ Something Vienna! (1#) – agreed
Families in Vienna (#1) – agreed
Queer Vienna (#1) - agreed
Vienna Students (#1) - agreed

2#) Vienna Ideas, Discussions
The group for sick, bored and…(2#) agreed
Car-ride-sharing –from Vienna to the world (#2) - does not like the idea but agreed
Dogs and Walks in Vienna ( #2 ) agreed
For a more sustainable world… (2#)
metalab ( #2) agreed
Vegan and Vegetarian in Vienna (#1) agreed only if put together with the “sustainable group)
Vienna Gifts and Barter group – agreed
Just cook, eat and meet in Vienna (#2) – agreed
Vienna Movie nights (#2) – agreed

(3#) Vienna Sports and Activities /Hobbies
Sailing - agreed
Yoga in Vienna (classes by donation) ( #2) agreed

(#4 Vienna Organization)

(5#) Music / Art /Performances/Cultural Events
Cultural events in Vienna (#5) agreed
kabarett und andere Theaterkunst (#5) agreed
Musicians in Vienna, Talking about… (#5) agreed
Projekt sound Variation (#5) agreed
Vienna Photography (#5) agreed
Vienna in concerts (#5) agreed
Vienna Art (#5) agreed

(6#) Vienna Language exchange (#6)

(7#) Gaming/Game Evenings
Uno for Couchsurfers (#7) agreed
Warewolf Nights Vienna (#7) agreed

(8#) Dance/Play (Learn/teach)
Tango Argentino in Vienna (#8) agreed
The new Salsa Group of Vienna (#8) agreed
Weekly Vienna Guitar Sessions (#8) agreed
(9#) Just for fun/Jokes etc.
The evil stuff group (#2) agreed
Eaters if Vegans and… agreed

Sub-groups to be deleted:
Vienna-Wien-Vienne-Bec-Vieden (the sub-group)
Photopraphy Grop

Sorry for the long message… please give me some feedback…
Would really like to do some changes by the end of the week – since most people already agreed…

That was about it : )