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Leaving in October ...
Posted July 9th, 2008 - 7:05 pm by from Kelowna, Canada (Permalink)
Who's hitchhiked? I've never done it, and I'd love advice. We're taking off in October for a full west-east trek.

Any advice? Anyone wanna join us? :)

Posted July 10th, 2008 - 12:16 pm by from Bamberg, Germany (Permalink)
hi girls!
together with my boyfriend and two friends of us i went to canada last summer. in september we went from montreal to vancouver island and in november back to the east, for exploring quebec.
i´d love to join you, because meeting people while hitchhiking was one of the best experiances i ever made... :) but i´m back to germany and university´s waiting.
but i think i can give you some advice.
for longer distances don´t stand along the streets, but ask truck drivers in truck stops! be carefull here not to be seen too easily, because sometimes the owners don´t like to have hitchhikers arround.
if you ask people, just trust your feelings! if you don´t feel comfortable with this person, don´t take the ride (tell a diplomatic story). some drivers tought us to look for clean-looking guys.
when you stand at the street, choose places where people can see you a while before (it´s safer and they have time to think about if the want to stop), choose places where they don´t drive too fast and have a place to stop, wear bright colors, look like someone special/some who has to tell a story ;) (backpacker-like is the easiest way i guess), moove, wave, look into the faces of the people in the cars.
it can happen that you have to wait for very long, two feinds of mine had to stay at a truck stop in prince george for 24 hours! take a tent or something to be prepared for situations like that.
(it´s also possible to hitchhike in the states, if you would go that way, although we often were told that it wouldn´t work. sometimes it was even easier, because there no one does it...)
hope i could help you a little bit.
be save on your trip, enjoy it!!
take care, vera

Posted October 31st, 2008 - 2:33 pm by from Midland, Canada (Permalink)
Since I'm only seeing this at the End of october I hope your trip went well,

as for advice, I pick up HHers All the time, things I look for when Picking up HHers.

Manurisms, if you look stumbly I wont pull over, no one wants to risk getting someone who is drunk or overly high. Look Happy, stay in well Lit area's Drivers have as much to worry about as HHers when pulling over in a Dark area.

Introduce your self, and be polite. I have gone out of my way by well over 100km for friendly people that I have enjoyed talking too.

a Sign is always a good thing, if you have a sign saying Where you want to end up that day you are likely to find people who are going to that same place pull over, if I'm 50km out side of a major city that I am going to go around and see a HHer going someplace beyond that city I'll pick them up and bring them around, no sign, I'll assume they are going into the city and I'll skip over to let someone else going into that city get them.

Try and Travel with a Maximum of 1 bag per person, if you have too much baggage you are a less attractive pick up as the time to load you, and unload you greatly increases as does the space required to pick you up.

Always have Food and Water, I've taken a few people on long treks for a coffee but ideally you don't want to rely on people dropping you off where you can get something, Keep snacks and Water on your person, you never know if you'll be sleeping outside or suck on some long road for hours with no one picking you up.