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Occasional job in (West) Africa for traveler ??? Leave idea or opinion !
Posted April 29th, 2013 - 12:01 am by from Prague, Czech Republic (Permalink)
Hi everybody !
I just plan my journey from Marocco to South Africa along the west coast and I have a year or more to do it. I´ll travel by local buses, trains, shared taxi, hitchhike, run and walk …
After 8 months in Asia I would like to do it more interesting and find a job from time to time. To have a chance to stay in one city or area few weeks or months more for meet and know local people....
Even for making money(I have a planty of time thats my benefit but my budget is tight), for food and place where to sleep and for getting more deep into the culture of the country.
I know ! This is Africa not Asia, there is lots of unqualified workers in Africa and don´t need nother one from Europe countries, but I can say I have some skills.
I already heard why it´s not possible, but tell me what do you think and know !
Is my plan totally out of sense or is´t double ???!!!
Please leave experience, idea or opinion

Posted May 6th, 2013 - 8:31 am from Ilorin, Nigeria
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Posted May 6th, 2013 - 6:17 pm by from Prague, Czech Republic (Permalink)
Hi Elsy,
yeah you´re right. So Here is something about my proffesional and other skills :
Language skills: Czech, English, Egyptian colloquial arabic
Proffesional: Jewelry design, graduate jeweler, graduate diamonds, graduate gemologist, gem and jewelry buyer, loose colored stone buyer/dealer, retailer, appraiser
I worked as a delegate and tourist guide, as spinning and fitness instructor
Contacts with companies from abroad
Design of new company web page, working closely on the project with IT specialist
Updating of web page (preparation of new material, texts, pictures and news etc.)
Dealing with clients
Establishment of new partners concerns
Meeting with clients and suppliers and their next cooperation
Contacts with companies from abroad
Establishing and developing a database of clients
Search for new suppliers and contacts
Layout, preparation and realisation of exhibitions
Assist in preparing for fair
international fair company delegate
Compiling all materials and data needed for content of magazine

One of my goal is to make some money along the way and even I would like to use my skill it´s clear I can´t be choose. As I think about it I was in Marocco once and speak arabic and worked in tourism as a guide so can I do it in Marocco?
Because of my skills in diamond business I can work in countries like Angola, Namibia, South Africa and on... But I doubt like occasional job...
In Asia you can make money along the way in hostels and bars for foreigner, is it possble in Africa ?
One way or another I plan to find some NGO´s there and work for house/food so I don´t have problam with that.
I talked already with few friend writing for newspapers/magazines and it not well paid but I´ll do that anyway.
I´ll do (almost) anything to move forward.
Good idea to ask embassy, thanks.