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Benjamin Fischer 
Tips for finding a flatshare
Posted October 12th, 2008 - 1:03 pm by Benjamin Fischer from Sydney, Australia (Permalink)
* Useful websites are listed under guidelines.

* Rooms and Flats are filled very quickly. Call whenever possible as opposed to emailing responses to adverts.

* People here commonly speak a second language but don't assume! It may be easier for them to speak with another native speaker, unless the ad was in your language. Try recruiting a German speaking friend, bribe them w coffee, chocolate, sparkling wine, beer, eternal happiness and put the phone in front of them ;)

* Read the advert properly, some people are only after a specific gender, age or profession. Google and Babelfish are great for translating text.

* Look presentable when attending a flat screening.

Good luck!

Credits to amber-jane Roberts