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Introduction to how to do it into a Turkish toilet- 101
Posted May 24th, 2007 - 2:55 pm by from Athens, Greece (Permalink)
OK, I must admit that Ive lived this wonderful experience many times, simply because I live in Turkey. Oh no, my house has the classical style toilet, we call it "A la Franga" (French way) and we call the Turkish toilet "A la Turka" (Turkish way, but also a local kind of coke is named the same :) ). In Turkey, generally public toilets are Turkish way (most probably because it is much sterile, you dont have to sit on some place that other people has sat before) and home and hotel toilets are French way. But we manage to modify the French way toilet according to Turkish customs, we have added spray just behind where do you sit, aiming your butt. You can open a valve generally located on your down right hand side, and you feel a water splash in behind, yess: you are cleaned with water!! Then you just need to dry yourself with toilet paper. No more rubbing of your dearest parts with dry and uncomfortable, unfriendly dry toilet papers :)

In our culture you should definitely clean yourself with clean water, so this was the main rationale for this amendment to the classical toilet. In history you had to do this water-cleansing manually, and if you cant find water, there is a rule that forces that you clean yourself with either a leaf (after making sure that it is not a form of cactus or stinging nettle, if you confuse please visit the nearest doc if you can survive) or in the worst case some soil is acceptable- OK better to carry your water with you.

And here comes the usage guidelines for Turkish toilet: First flush the toilet (so that it does not have any water or more from the previous usage). If the flush does not exist just fill the can- that exist in a turkish toilet for sure- Then there is a two tactics to avoid a small risk getting a splash-back of water if you are making the "big job":

a- You may put some toilet paper just on the hole.

b- you may first aim the hole, then before starting the action, you may move about 10 cm to the side so that it will fall over the side (not inside the water) and you can observe what kind of foods you ate in the last days.

But the b choice requires that you will use more water and time to clean the toilet after you finish your job. But if you have followed the guidelines carefully, the first flushing would make the toilet surface wet and your cleaning job would be more easy :)

Anyway, this is enough for the "Introduction to how to do it into a turkish toilet- 101". If you need expert help for different and more compliacted questions, just contact me or open a discussion below :P