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someone can help to translate english into spainish pls?
Posted December 5th, 2012 - 4:29 am by from Tianjin, China (Permalink)
Hi,my name is Ling,come from Tianjin,China.i'm planning to Argentina to travel during the chinese new year holidays.Now i'm preparing the documents for visa application.as Argentina Embassy requested,i need to translate the work Certification Letter into spainish then notarize it.i appreciate a lot if someone could help me to translate the text below.Thank you!
[size= small]CERTIFICATE[/size][/b]
This is to certify that Li Ling,Female,(Passport NO.********) was born on 23-07-1975 in Jinghai District,Tianjin.She is the customer manager of China United Network Communications Corporation(or China Unicom for short) Tianjin Dagang Branch.She has worked in this company for **[size= 10.5pt;" lang="EN-US">years, salary is RMB [size= 10.5pt;" lang="EN-US"> per month. We agree her to go to Argentina for travel for [size= 10.5pt;" lang="EN-US">days (expect from 04.02.2013 to 18.02.2013).We are sure that after the travel she will continue to work in our company and we promise to keep the position for her.

This travel expense undertakes by herself.

China United Network Communications Corporation Tianjin Dagang Branch
Sign by:Ma Yong as General Manager

Posted December 8th, 2012 - 10:20 am by from Madrid, Spain (Permalink)
Hi Ling. I attach my translation into Spanish for you. I´ve decided to publish it as a reply to your post, in case anyone else could improve my translation (since I`m not a language teacher)

Mediante este escrito se certifica que Li Ling, de sexo Femenino (Número de pasaporte ........) nació el 23-07-1975 en Jinghai District ,Tianjin. Actualmente desempeña el puesto de Gestora de Atención al Cliente en la empresa “United Network Communications Corporation” (de forma abreviada “ China Unicom” ), en la división de Tianjin Dagang .Ha estado trabajando en esta compañía durante XX años, con un salario mensual de XX RMB. Estamos conformes en que viaje a Argentina durante XX días (por un período estimado entre el 04.02.2013 y el 18.02.2013). Tenemos la seguridad de que ella continuará trabajando en nuestra compañía después del citado viaje, y nos comprometemos a reservarle su puesto de trabajo.
Los gastos originados por el viaje serán por cuenta de la empleada.
China United Network Communications Corporation. División de de Tianjin Dagang
Firmado por :Ma Yong como Administrador General

Posted December 10th, 2012 - 3:01 pm by from Madrid, Spain (Permalink)
I'm sorry, but I think you must have it to be translated by an official translator to be able to notarized it :-(