Getting Started: Getting Involved in the Community

There's even more to Couchsurfing than hosting and surfing. Read on to learn how to start connecting with CouchSurfers now.

Step One: Create Your Profile

If you haven't already, it's time to fill out your profile. First, read about how to make your profile as useful as possible. Then, go ahead and tell us about yourself !

Step Two: Learn How to Read a Couchsurfing Profile

When you're choosing to meet other members, reading their profile carefully is one of the most important steps you should take. It helps keep you safe, and helps you have more positive experiences. Read these tips to learn more.

Step Three: Join an Online Group

Online discussion groups are an easy way to start learning about what's going on in your city, your country, or places you plan to visit. You'll learn more about what nearby CouchSurfers are up to, and how to be active in your local community. You can also introduce yourself and ask for tips.

There are also many groups dedicated to different hobbies and topics, where you can get to know other CouchSurfers who are passionate about the same things you are.  Share stories and advice with people from all over the world -- what should you look for in a SCUBA diving certification course?  Which cities are best for street performers?  What book should you bring on your next trip?  Browse the categories to find your interests.

Step Four: Contact Your Local Ambassador

One way to get started is to contact a nearby Ambassador to ask for advice. Ambassadors are active CS members who help support the community. To find one near you, set your location in CouchSearch, then on the left hand column under "Community" select "Ambassador" and then click "Update Results."

Step Five: Join an Activity

Meeting a group of CouchSurfers in person will help you feel at home in the community. Activities also give you the chance to ask questions, share opinions, and make new friends.

You can find a list of upcoming Activities on your dashboard or through CouchSearch. They can be anything from a casual bike ride to a giant party. Don’t see anything you like? With just a few clicks you can create your own listing for other CouchSurfers to see and join.

Step Six: Contact a Nearby Traveler

When you go to your home page, you'll see a list of CouchSurfers visiting your area. If you've got some free time coming up, why not invite one of them out for coffee or a walk? Remember to read their profiles first so that you can choose someone whose company you'll enjoy.

Step Seven: Follow Up With a Reference

By now, you've probably met at least a few CouchSurfers in person.  It's time to leave your first references.  A reference is feedback you write that will appear on another CouchSurfer's profile, describing the interaction you had with them.  Please read about what references are and how they work, then go to the profiles of people you've met and leave your reference.

Step Eight: Learn More

Read the rest of our tips to learn about how to get the most out of Couchsurfing!