1 day Hitchhike race: Odense->Skagen->Odense (1 night at Skagen Dune plantation)

Organized by Mads Nielsen
OK, let's start exploring Denmark with our thumbs & also make a little race out of it :)
I'm planning on doing these hitchhiking races 4-5 times a year, every time with a new destination in mind.

Our destination is set to SKAGEN - The most northern point of Denmark! A beautiful, truly scenic place, where Skagerrak (part of the North Sea) and the Kattegat Sea meet!

Time of departure is Thursday the 1st of August at 9AM from Odense City Hall.

We depart in groups of 2 or 3 (depending on the final number of people participating).

We meet up in Skagen City and together we head to Grenen!

After this visit we go to Skagen Dune Plantation where there is a free outdoor shelter camp site. We eat there & stay for the night out in the wild. (Alternative is to find CS'ers in/around Skagen).

Friday morning we visit Råbjergmile (http://www.naturturist.dk/raabjerg/mile.htm): One of the biggest dunes in Europe! After this stop, we hitch again towards Odense :)

Duration of hitch-time each way: 7-10 hours I reckon...

To spice things up, we're gonna use a pointsystem, that'll be used for the other, soon to be planned races in the future as well.

Points System will be announced 1-2 days in advance of the race (depending on the # of people attending).

...Anything i'm forgetting here? Comment, join & lets have fun :)

Hope to see a lot of faces for this trip :)

- Mads
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