14 Juillet : picnic, huge firework and firemen bal

Organized by Anthony ~ Nimp°
Because the center of Paris will be overcrowded this day, and because Champs de Mars will be very busy and touristic, let's meet in a nice town at the border of Paris. There, you will have the real feeling to be in a French city ! And it is really easy to get there, with subway line 1 and subway stop "Esplanade de la Défense".

12.30am : We will have a huge picnic with the unhabitants in front of the city-hall, in the middle of the town. We can go altogether to buy nice things to eat.

4pm: We'll have a walk and play some games in a park, have a bike tour or whatever you'd like to do !

9pm ; There will be a free zumba concert outside.

10.30pm : There will be an amazing firework. The city is really rich thanks to the national business district, so it will be 45 minutes of firework, more than Paris !

11.15pm : Let's all go to Paris to join a BAL DES POMPIERS, firemen party, neat Subway Chatelet/Les Halles
Caserne ROUSSEAU - 21, rue du Jour - 75001 Paris

It will be a great day, you won't regret it !
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