2013 Time Square New years at NY --> followed by Niagara Falls

Organized by Mel G
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    Whoever goes to TS on New Years Eve: Get there at 10AM and get inside the baracades and do not leave the area for no reason. By mid day all steets are packed. By 2PM they more and likely will not let you in> Its heavly baracaded and be able to hold your bladder for hours. i did it last year. Two times in my life is enough
    Hi guys, Thank you all for joining. I also expanded the number of people who can join since I got some Private msgs about joining. Idk why I limited in the first place, this should be an inclusive party for the world to join :)

    I'm thinking we can create 3 different meeting times for this group.... We can all meet at the crossing of central park and 7th avenue - North west of the four quadrants at the two roads crossing. (that will be top left when you look at google maps) this is 15 minutes walk from TS, so I think that will be good. I think each group leader should have a sign/signal to show where they are from.

    People who are already in NY in the morning
    7:00AM (or earlier? you all decide) --- This seems like the majority - who wants to organize/lead this group? And maybe the later groups (11:00 and 1:30) can meet up with you guys. I can exchange phone numbers with the lead for this group and bring the people from 11:00 to you guys.

    People who are getting in later
    11:00 AM --- There are some... like me, I can take head count for this group.

    People who are coming later
    1:30 PM

    There are people who are arriving at 4pm... If you all arrive together and plan a leader and exchange phone numbers with me I can text/share the exact location of where we will be standing in TS. Hopefully I can exchange numbers with someone with an Iphone so the location sharing can be accurate.

    I am so happy to see so many people interested in joining this wonderful event. We should def get a group picture to remember this. :)

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