Language Exchange meeting

Organized by ELISCHEN
Hi there language lovers! :)

The weekly Language Exchange Meeting takes place every week on Mondays, from 7 to 10 pm and our aim is to form small groups and just start talking to provide a common ground for practice. Exchange fun facts and make friends in the language you want to practice and/or help others to do exactly that! What's more, if you're trying to find a tandem partner we might just be the event you've been looking for!

Usually we are around 30-40 people from all over the world helping each other to improve our language skills. There's a chance to practice many languages, not just German and English but that of course always depends on who's participating. Please sign up!

The most important thing though is:

Meet/make new friends and have fun on the way!

Tucholskystr. 32 ("Cafe Buchhandlung") is located near S Oranienburger Straße and U Oranienburger Tor


"Im still not sure i can find you!- Can i get your phone-number?"
Yes you can ;) Just send a pm

Elischen (Elise)
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