Language Exchange meeting in Berlin Mitte (cafe Buchhandlung)!

Organized by ELISCHEN
Hi there language lovers! :)

The weekly Language Exchange Meeting takes place every week on Mondays, from 7 to 10 pm and our aim is to form small groups and just start talking to provide a common ground for practice. Exchange fun facts and make friends in the language you want to practice and/or help others to do exactly that! What's more, if you're trying to find a tandem partner we might just be the event you've been looking for!

Usually we are around 30-50 people from all over the world helping each other to improve our language skills. There's a chance to practice many languages, not just German and English but that of course always depends on who's participating. Please sign up!

The most important thing though is:
Meet/make new friends and have fun on the way!

It is warm and sunny, so we are meeting in the park "Monbijoupark", which is near S-Bahn Oranienburger Straße.
We'll be more or less in the middle of the park and look for an orange blanket and an orange CS scarf & you'll find us :)
You can bring blankets to sit on, some food and your own drinks or buy some there at the nearby shop.

ATTENTION: In case it rains or gets too cold, we will move back to the bar BUCHHANDLUNG. Both places are not far from each other, so we can change places easily.

1. GOOD WEATHER: Monbijoupark

2. FALLBACK LOCATION IN CASE OF BAD WEATHER: "Cafe Buchhandlung", Tucholskystr. 32, 10115 Berlin, located near S Oranienburger Straße and U Oranienburger Tor

"Im still not sure I can find you!- Can I get your phone-number?"
Yes you can ;) Just send a pm

Elischen (Elise)
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