2nd L.S.D. Session

Organized by jim emil Kasupovic, Dominik Richter, Dominik Richter
Live Sound Department presents:

Our 2nd L.S.D. Session;

Iva Olo: Guitar
Ulrike Müllner: Violin
Gabriela Horn: Vocals
Julia Schindelar:Vocals
Dominik Johannes Richter: Perc.JawHarp.Didg
Nejem Ka: Hitzaz
Martin Burk: Doublebass
Thomas Jager: Bass
Lukas Fellner: Drums
Trommelwirbel: Beatloops

more soon...

22:00-24:00 Ambient Style [Warm Up]

24:00-03:00 DeepTechno-Electro-D&B [Big Bang Time]

03:00-04:00 Crazy Stuff Improvisations [Brain Off]

Welcome Drink & Happy Hour till 23:00

Musicans contact us to get a stage pass!! Send an email to: info@livesounddepartment.com

Entry 10 €/ FB List 8€
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