Art Crawl #41 Street Art @ Chinatown

Organized by AUDREYFUNKY
Hey fellow art lovers and others !

I’m sure you always wanted to know more about the vibrant street art scene of Paris yeeeeaaaaah!!!! This Sunday, let’s explore one of the more active district for street art : the South of the main Chinatown of Pariiiiis (13th arrondissement)!!! Indeed, the arrondissement’s city hall & the famous street art gallery ITINERRANCE elaborated a whole path with murals realized by famous street artists. We’ll end by the village-look-alike district “La Butte aux cailles” where we’ll eat @ Chez Gladine!!!!!!

Here the meeting’s details :
Sunday June 30th – 3 PM
Metro : National (line 6)
outside @ the main exit

Hope to see you as ARTdventurous as usual !

Audrey ★
Zero six 84 313 618
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