Beats Brunch Booze & Banter

Organized by miichelleo
Directions Below:

We're at 749 3rd Street NE

Best way is to take Union Station metro (red line).

You will exit out the front of the station and turn left. Walk away from the Post Office Museum towards F Street NE (and towards the SEC Building). F street curves around to 2nd street NE. Follow F street towards 2nd NE and turn left on 3rd NE. We are by the bikeshare on 3rd and H. There is currently a lot of construction on H street so I suggest if you're driving to come from Mass Ave instead. As it's Sunday you can park on the street (I suggest G or F street). We're in the group of houses behind the black gate all the way in the back.

Please call/text us when you're here and someone will let you in.

Michelle 864 884 5986
Marina 571 238 1237

Thanks guys! See you tomorrow,

Our April Music Brunch is back at our place this time!

We're excited. You're excited. 411 below:

Beats - we'll have the drum kit, a PA system, acoustic and electric guitars, and a tambourine. Maybe a mandolin. Please bring your own instrument if you want, and come prepared with something fun to play! It's very karaoke style, so don't be shy!

Poetry, storytelling, and other creative ideas are also always welcome.

Brunch & Booze - Potluck style - please bring one thing to share. We'll try to provide some main brunch/breakfast dishes this time, but some suggestions below:

-fruits and veggies
-cheeses and breads
-quiches and pies
-wine & beer (also champagne)
-plates, forks, knives, napkins
-deli meats
-other brunch things I have forgotten on this list
-your smile (this is mandatory)

Banter - you know what to do.

Also - there's an AWESOME bluegrass festival on Kingman's Island the day before (Saturday April 27th) in Anacostia. In the spirit of the music, those event details are here:

Email us for questions. Directions to our house will be posted the day before (April 27th)

Michelle -
Marina -

Peace, :)
Michelle, Marina, Avy, & Jeff
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