Bicycle tour to Sasali

Organized by Burak AKIN
We want to make a tour to Sasali on 18 / 5 / 2013. This tour will a midtempo tour just to have fun and ride. We will have a picnic in stops. Everybody is invited.

Some details : If you have helmets , use them to protect yourself. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from insects and dust. Bring some spare clothes.

If you dont have a bicycle .. we can try to rent from some bicycle shops.Rentals are between 15-20 TLs. For people who want to rent bicycle some shops :
1) Seda Bisiklet : 0.232 369 49 79
2) Parkur Bisiklet 0232 441 35 62
3) Doruk Bisiklet 0.232 232 0 600

If you need to rent from Bornova .. send a message to me .. here is my number in any case : 05354781998
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