Organized by Metin Cabuk
Come on over to our apartment for a night of board gaming fun!

We'll decide which game (or games) we'll play once people get here, but I'm going to tentatively suggest Monopoly, Tabu, Jenga, any card games or backgammon. (We have some of these games, so any games you can bring with you will make us appreciated.).

I'll pop some popcorn (not very good at but will try my best :), but feel free to bring additional snacks or drinks if you want them or want to share.

My apologies in advance if attendances exceeds the number we guess we may not be able to host then we can meet in a public place. (cafe, restaurant, meadow etc..)

The game night is open to anybody who wants to join!

We are open to any suggestions!

Please send me pm for more information.

See you there
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