CouchsurfingSangriaParty-Summer Madness

Couchsurfing Sangria Party - Summer Madness

Couchsurfing Budapest Monthly Party ... from 3 years a classic Event of this Community ....

BPMP ... A large meeting arranged every month

a funny Party ... a really friendly meeting ... it's easy to find new friends and to ask tips to the others members of the CS community ... every month something new ... stay with us :) .....

24 August

CouchsurfingMonthlyParty- August-Summer Madness&Sangria

Super8 Pub

from 7.30 Super8 Garden Area... Latin MUSIC+Sangria

you will see the CS light Ball in the middle of the garder area... and u can find there also stickers for your name

from 11 Super8 Pub "the Party"

... we will give you a sticker for your name ... a real Couchsurfing event ....

and the day after ... the Party Photo Album ... on line


MORE on Facebook Couchsurfing Budapest Official Group :

+36 70 34 71 870
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