Bratislava Wine-Surfing 2013 Grape Harvest Festival 20-22 September

Organized by Piotr Mikita, Lydia Green-Eyed, Jurko Scamba, Stefan P., AlenkaGreenline, Miriam Jevcakova
We would like to invite you to:

Bratislava Wine-Surfing 2013 Grape Harvest Festival 20-22 September

Friday 20.09.2013
This year we start with BIG JUMP !!!
16:00 - 20:00 - rope swing @ Lafranconi Bridge
Do yo want to JUMP from the bridge ???

"Welcome Party" @ Dunaj River
Party until morning :)

Saturday 21.09.2013
11:30am - 2:00pm

Viecha u Sedliaka pub - saturday lunch
When we wake up after welcome party, we can meet here to taste traditional meals, wine, beer, slovak alcohol.

after 14.00 Pezinok Grape Harvest Festival
(we go there by train )
The Grape Harvest Festival is held every year in Pezinok, which is located 20 km from Bratislava. The festival contains various folklore events that are connected to wine. In various venues over the town, the visitors can enjoy lot of shows, taste food that is typical to the area and drink local wine. It’s great opportunity to discover Slovak culture.
We spend the rest of saturday in Pezinok - until the end of festival around 23.00. Then, afterparty in Bratislava.
Train back leaves at 18:37, 19:37, 20:37, and 23:37. Last (first?) option to get back after midnight is the early train at 4:37!

Sunday 23.09.2012
12.00 - Chill out Sunday - Potluck Picnic & Barbecue
Bring your own food and drinks

- enjoy BBQ
- play Volleyball, frisbee, Badminton,
- yoga
- slackline

and other activities :) - would you like to show us some activities? organize workshop?

20.00 After Party
If you stay in Bratislava longer JOIN our After party :)

I hope to see you all there !!!
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    I like wine party
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    My lovelly ppl:D...well...what to add...AWSOME least the part that i had a pleasure to be a part of;)...and im sure even all the other parts were simply unforgettable...:D
    thank you all - organizers, attendees, randomly joined ppl - you were simply GREAT;) are some pics ;) (in case you would actually need some help remembering;) ENJOY!

    Burciaku zdar! Cheers!

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