Organized by David Millot
Hi there

Hope everyone is good..

We're finally gonna have a warm and sunny day on thursday so its time for a good old picnic and party by the Seine river on a nice bridge.

Meet us this Thursday from 7pm on, we will stay there until very late at night so come any time you want.

We used to do lots of those last year so a lot of you know how it goes.

We will bring a big speaker to put some good beats for us to dance.

Music mix by Selecta Dilo

Anyways bring your good party mood, some food and drinks to share, plastic cups, cork screw etc.. And lets all have a good time together.


Passerelle Simone De Beauvoir
Metro : Quai de la Gare line 6

My number : 06 05 69 99 18

Hoping to see you all there on friday
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