Burns night potluck

Organized by Sarah Burn
Hello everyone! We had such a successful winter solstice party that my roommates and I decided we would like to have more events ( but I still encourage others to have their own potlucks and am keen to go to the next one in east van jan 10th) so save the date ( jan 25 th)

Feel free to bring any appetizer, salad, meal, desert, soups, vegg, or drink. We have a toaster-oven and stove if you want to come by at 6:30 to heat or cook something. There will be a haggis and vegetarian haggis.

Because this is Burns night we will be reading some poetry and playing some music. So please bring your favourite poem and an instrument to jam to. We will try and have another fire in the backyard.

See you then :)

ps some people went west ( left) on Osborne be sure to go east ( right) from Lonsdale we are the 2nd house on the left 182 osborne with a blue fence and lights. Take the 230 from the quay that gets off at a united church on osborne or 229( but you will have to walk from 29th up (bout 7min)
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    Thanks we are looking forward to hosting the potluck event next weekend and having everyone over! However we don't want to have too many people over. So I am asking that only committed people come that are willing to bring a poem, enjoy in a musical jam session (you don't have to be musically talent, watching is ok), be outgoing to converse with new people, and happy to bring their favourite dish to share in the potluck for dinner. Thanks and see you next Saturday at 7 for Robbie Burns :) ps can anyone bring mash potatoes, turnips, or parsnips to add to my Scottish haggis? Thanks

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