CAKES & DRINKS in Gràcia :)

Organized by Queralt G
Keine Angst Bar y Cosmic Smirk come together this time to give their best

BIENVENIDOS, feel free to participate in this Delicious Contest (Certamen de Deliciosidades) You see, a good chance to enjoy eating while chilling out with friends in a Pub listening to music and drinking.
Come and...
-▸ Bring your cake, cookies, cupcakes, pies, muffins, crêpe...
-▸ Or, come, taste them, and then vote the best one while listening to good music :)

-▸ Un pequeño detalle para cada concursante!
-▸ Los asistentes serán libres de probar los pasteles :)
-▸ Con cada consumisión tendrás derecho a 3 votos.

-►Habrá PREMIOS para los ganadores :)

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Keine Angst bar:
Cosmic Smirk:
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    Hi Queralt! This is a great idea! I'll come with a friend, and sweet things.. ;)
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