Canadian Camping Adventure!

Organized by Cody Speer
June 28th - June 30th
Location: Wahleach (Jones) Lake

Alright guys, have you heard the terms, Wild-camping, forest partying, or Canadian style camping? Most probably not, so here is your chance to experience it.

Cut trees with a chainsaw and build the man-made hot tub in middle of no-where. Sounds awesome doesn't it? Thats what we did in our last trip with over 35 people.

Dirt bikes, ATV’s, Foam Machines, Big Fires, big speakers, Crystal Clear Lakes, Fresh Air and Majestic Mountains.

So this time we are going to do party at Wahleach (jones) lake. Its gonna be the best forest party in BC. Come see how real Canadians party! Just chip in for fuel, food & drinks.

We do have 5 spots available so first come, first serve
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