Caving under Budapest

Organized by Pim Razenberg
Here's a wild card for you: caving underneath one of Europe's most beautiful cities!

Barely one month ago I visited Budapest for the Vth time. Because I had time to spare, I went caving underneath the city with a group of eight people, and our randomly funny caving guides Márk and Katzer. It was an amazing adventure... and I'd love to go back! But since the best travel experiences are shared, I figured: why not make this a CouchSurfing-trip?

It would be great to go caving with a group of surfers. :) Whether you live in Budapest or you're just passing through, I promise the caving experience will be amazing!

I arranged for a *specialized tour* in the cave. Márk and Katzer will not just give us the regular caving tour, but will take as to an underground lake, several times deeper under ground than the regular tours will take you.

The price for this tour is 6000 F / 20 euro's. Above ground next to the cave is a cozy café which allows for perfect post-caving drinks.

The meeting point for this tour is Saturday at 13:00 P.M. at Nyugati Palyaudvar, at the stop for Bus Nr. 206!
Be in time! :)

My number:
Romania: +40 741 466 167.
Netherlands: +31 6 203 17 045

Ask me any question you want! :) And hope to see you next week!
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