Chaos Cooking Hosted by Michael

Organized by Joe Che
A participatory cooking extravaganza.

Everyone brings the ingredients for one dish and then cooks together in one space. All recipes must be finished and space returned to original condition by the end of the event, while everyone is socializing, enjoying drinks and eating tasty dishes.

Think about what you'd like to make
Invite people you trust
Tweet and blog about the event using #chaoscooking
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What to bring:
Bring the ingredients necessary for a bunch of people to try a little bit of your dish
A bottle of wine
Extra knives, cutting boards and tupperware to bring extra food home.

Everyone MUST prepare something.
Everyone must pitch in to help restore the space to its original condition, without being asked.
Try not to lose any fingers.

During the event:
Greet everyone with a giant smile
Take lots of pictures and short videos
We take a group picture right before cleanup

Chaos Cooking Culture:
We shake hands with our elbows, when we cook
We are friendly, open and caring
We share knowledge and laughter
We are comfortable in chaos

Being the GrilledCheezGuy, bread, cheese, and toppings will be provided for a make-your-own-grilled-cheese-station.

Grilling encouraged but not required. I don't want to lock down a theme as much as encourage going local and sharing a dish you love with the rest of us.

There will be an oven, stovetop, portable grills and burners, and a good amount of kitchen equip to use!

Bring your own equipment/knives/boards though b/c its gets crazy!
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