CicLAvia - Iconic Wilshire Boulevard

Organized by EdwardTravels
More CS event info is still TBD/TBA.

PLEASE NOTE THE EVENT IS TWO HOURS LONGER. It starts at 9 am instead of 10 am and it ends at 4 pm instead of 3, this time.

The second of the three 2013 CicLAvia events will also take us on a totally new route - from the start of Wilshire Boulevard downtown, through Koreatown and Mid-Wilshire and ending up at the edge of LACMA (Fairfax and WIlshire Boulevard).

Tentatively, the plan for the earlier risers is to meet a little (8:30 am) earlier than the 'official' start time of nine at the Starbucks at Street Level at 7th & Fig's shopping center, right by the 7th Street Metro Station (so folks coming from Long Beach, North Hollywood/ Hollywood, San Gabriel Valley via mass transit, can all readily connect).

We can set up a second meeting point, around 9:45 am at the MacArthurt Park hub (especially if people need bike repairs, etc., they should plan to attend earlier than 9:45 to ride out with us as a group or plan to meet up later at noon).

The full distance of the route is approximately 6 miles.

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Wilshire Boulevard was first carved out as a long path through a barley field in 1895. While its beginnings were humble, this path has transformed into one of the most notable boulevards in all of the United States.

On June 23, starting at One Wilshire in Downtown Los Angeles and ending at Fairfax Avenue along Museum Row, the CicLAvia – Iconic Wilshire Boulevard route will take participants through a snapshot of the city’s architectural evolution from Victorian vision to modernist experimentation; massive towers of business to intimate houses of worship; world class museums to working class mercados.
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