Cinema with a twist

Organized by Dytta G
Come to an irregular cinema event on Friday, November 29th!

I've rented a cinema for 3 hours, where we can do loads of interesting things. What about these two?

1.) Watch a film in English that we choose together a week prior to the event the latest

2.) After the movie we stay in the auditorium and act out a part or more, which we can record with a camera.

I've done this with some people before and it's great fun!

As it's in a real cinema with maximum quality and entertainment, it has a cost. We have to pay 1500 HUF/person for the 3 hours if there are at least 20 people. Otherwise price has to be recalculated. I think it's a nice price anyway, it's just the price of a plain cinema ticket! But we'll do much more!

This event is a very good start of a partying Friday night! Come and join! And invite friends! The more people, the more fun we can have! (But don't forget to tell me how many of you will come!)

Hope we can meet there!
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