Coffee Meet up

Organized by Shelly Bailey, NORDIC206
The revived coffee meet-ups continue!

Sunday coffee meet-up 1:00 - 4:00 Feb. 23 at the historic PANAMA HOTEL. History buffs, don't miss this one! In addition to its great coffee creations, tea selections and delicious things to eat, the Panama offers a unique ambiance and fascinating history. Here are a few of the interesting links for more information.,_Washington)

This is one you will remember. See you there!

In talking with the Panama people, they will reserve the room with the big table for CS. I was informed that they have a minimum order policy that each guest must order at least one drink or food item.

Sorry, I don't publish my phone # on ANY public website. If you need more information please send me a CS message. It comes directly to my phone as an email. Your host, Lauren (aka Nordic206)
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