Collecting Smiles

Organized by Roberto Corona
I'm really glad to invite you to be part of this project: Collecting Smiles.

The idea is to make a video with photography of people that represent the 5 continents and many different countries, doesn't matter where are you from, the traditions of your culture, the language do you speak or the color of your skin, you could be part of this big message to the world, giving away a smile that represent your joy and share happiness having a great time involving more people in this activity.

If you want to help, would be great to bring handmade poster with phrases that represent the spirit of the project such as:

1.- Smile at life and make a change
2.- Smile is free
3.- Share a Smile, doesn't cost you a thing
4.- Collecting smiles

And if you have more ideas, please don't hesitate in use them... You can found me on facebook at
and if you want to know a little more about me and my couchsurfing experience, you can check the video in the link below:

Thanks for all the support, please share the event, and tell your friends to be part of this project, I will upload all the pictures as soon as possible.

See you this saturday!

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    See you! (:
    Roberto, can you bring the pictures (SD card or something) tomorrow at the meet up?
    Cool, no problem
    We just created a new facebook page, so make sure you share, like and inspire more people to be part of this event
    Thanks to all the people that get involved in the project and all the smiles that we shared this afternoon!!... Was a great event, and we'll having already another date!

    You can see some of the pictures from today in the Collecting Smiles Facebook page at

    Thanks for all the Support

    If you want to participate again in our next event, don't miss the opportunity to be part of this project this Monday at 6pm in front of the ONU building, more detailed soon!

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