Colors Of Spring

Organized by Miro The Artist
<h3>Spring is in the air, The Flowers Are Blooming, and as <i>Robin Williams say</i>.. <b>Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"</b> It is time now to have a totally different fun and joy time..</h3>
- Do you dream of walking in real botanic garden, the spring is in the air and all flowers are blooming around you..

- Have real chance to smell the most fresh and clean air in Cairo.

- Surprise your beloved with the best flower collection.

- Get a healthy & beautiful or fruitful plant that share you the space around.

- Drink a tasteful great herbal tea or eat fresh vegetable / fruits.

- Have a special plant that keep insects away from your apartment / your office all the time and surround your place with fresh scent smell..

... what do you need to know more.. fresh air, good healthy food, plants for you flat, flowers for your lover, inspiration ..all is waiting you.. </h4>


<u>30<sup>th</sup> of March</u> is the opening day of <b>Flowers of the Spring show & fair exhibition </b> .. where all that turn to be true..

<b>**Place **</b>
Orman Park - Giza ... it is between the Giza Zoo & Faculty of Information technology and in front of Cairo university.

<b>**Meeting points**</b>
1<sup>st</sup> meeting point - 1:30 PM we would wait till 1:45 PM - inside Dokki Metro Station in front of the Tickets office window. we would walk from there to the Orman Park.. it is only 15 - 20 min walk..

2<sup>nd</sup> meeting point: 2:10 PM till 2: 20 PM in front of the orman park ( Dokki St. entrance Gate)

<b>**Contact Person**</b>
Miro The Artist 011-44-588-911
Ahmed Farag

You can finish your work and join us.. so feel free to call and catch us to have fun..

This event is <b><i>suitable for all ages </b></i> and it is <b><i>totally free </b></i> what are you waiting for.. come and join us..

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