Costruction of a square in 3 days in Vidigal (22/24-03-13)

Organized by Chiara Giuggioli
Today started the costruction of a sqare in Biroscão,Vidigal,Rio de Janeiro. The project would envolve people, their capability, their workforce and their material resources to give a beautiful sqare to the comunity of Vidigal's favela!

22-03-13 Cleaning of the area, demolition and beginning of the costruction
23-03-13 Costruction
24-03-13 Costruction

The groups are organized in 3 daily turns of 8 h.
- Turn 1 – from 8 to 16 h
- Turn 2 – from 16 to 24 h
- Turn 3 – from 24 to 8 h

How I can partecipate:
-like a volunteer helping in the work!
(go to the link
-giving materials
(look what they need:
-disseminating the message of the projet

Who want's to partecipate can find more information here:

I'll go tomorrow (saturday 23-03-13) to the turn 8-16h. Who likes to join me can ask me my number here or find me there!
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    Olá sou colombiano e gosto de ajudar em projetos em prol à comunidade. gostaria de participar, mas eu posso ir das 2h da tarde, até as 7h da noite. seria muito legal para mim ajudar!! tchauu
    oi Jackson acho que não tem problemas, de qualquer maheira siga as instruções para o cadastro aqui
    o contate eles aqui
    Telefones: +55 (21) 7541-7275

    Deixo-te meu numero se você não me reconhecer quando chegar :D
    Oi (21) 8569-0108
    I live in Vidigal too, I'm going to help maybe I see you guys there!

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