Costruction of a square in 3 days in Vidigal (22/24-03-13)

Organized by Chiara Giuggioli
Today started the costruction of a sqare in Biroscão,Vidigal,Rio de Janeiro. The project would envolve people, their capability, their workforce and their material resources to give a beautiful sqare to the comunity of Vidigal's favela!

22-03-13 Cleaning of the area, demolition and beginning of the costruction
23-03-13 Costruction
24-03-13 Costruction

The groups are organized in 3 daily turns of 8 h.
- Turn 1 – from 8 to 16 h
- Turn 2 – from 16 to 24 h
- Turn 3 – from 24 to 8 h

How I can partecipate:
-like a volunteer helping in the work!
(go to the link
-giving materials
(look what they need:
-disseminating the message of the projet

Who want's to partecipate can find more information here:

I'll go tomorrow (saturday 23-03-13) to the turn 8-16h. Who likes to join me can ask me my number here or find me there!
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