Organized by Gaëtan Radigois, Katja-Kumper
Summer is over so let's practice again!
Clear your throat, grab your music sheets and show up so we can sing!

We are a quite new choir, whose members are all Couchsurfers who love to sing. We are open to every kind of music and have lots of fun during our sessions. ;) But we also manage to learn, practise and move forward.


We meet every Monday at the French Cafe Sarasines at Lange Gasse 74. We practise downstairs in the stage-like area. Just walk to the back of the cafe and downstairs - you'll find us.
We'll have a keyboard available but additional instruments (and someone to play it are more than welcome)


Everybody who wants to sing is welcome. :) No professional "education" needed. If you love singing, then that's already enough. New ones are always welcome!

We have some rules for making everything work. Everybody who wants to sing a certain song, has to prepare it, which means print some lyric-sheets, have some ideas (voices), or f.e. have the song on the mobile phone to hear it, ... :) This makes it a lot easier organising everything.

List of songs we already did:
-Tears in heaven
-Le lion est mort ce soir
-Amani utupe
-Heaven is a wonderful place
-Proud mary
-Mr. Sandman
-Don’t worry, be happy
-Lemon tree
-I want to break free

For sheets, click here:

FB group for instant updates:

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