CouchSurfing SuMMeR Journey 2013 & CSBD Beach Party IN Marsa Matrouh

Organized by Ehab Hamed
Where is the Magic & Beauty.. Relax & Hyper activities.. Soft Sands & transparent blue water.. Calm water & Sea waves.. This is the Fayrouz City... In North Coast of Egypt.. It's Marsa Matrouh..

CouchSurfing EgYpT is inviting you to our summer journey 2013. Spending 5 days; 4 nights in Marsa Matrouh. Enjoying our summer time on different beaches every day and partying at night.

Accommodation & Privacy

We're going to rent apartment(s) or a full building (Four floors, with 6 apartments) as follow:

- Front Line on the coast, with direct view to sea.
- Each apartment has 3 rooms and can accommodate up to 9 persons.
- Separate apartment(s) or a floor to girls for their privacy.
- The apartment rent per the whole journey will be divided by the total attendees in each apartment
- Average shared price per person: 50 EGP per night = 200 EGP per 4 night journey. ( It's an average expectation but total cost depends on the total number of attendees per each apartment

The Journey's Program

Every day: we'll go to different beach. Swimming, playing, getting fun with water sports and activities such as Jet ski; Banana Boat, Sailing Felluca boats, Speed boats...etc. Visiting touristic places.

Every Night: Partying in a different ways. Bedouin Party, Beach party and more.

Full and timing program will be launched later.

Monthly CSBD Birthday Party

***************** BEACH PARTYYYYYY *****************

Get Ready with your Swimming wear ;)

Night Party Event Link:


Deposit : 200 EGP.


Ehab Hamed: +2 0100 1766198
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